Social Media

Aside from having your website maintained properly, high quality and relevant content is the recipe for a better social presence. Here are few things from many that we can do to help you engage with your target market:  

Social Media Management

In addition to managing your digital platform, StratAgile Indonesia will help to manage your social channels as well. Social platform management includes responding to enquiries, content posting, managing the content and image adjustments and aligning the brand for a unified brand digital voice. Beyond the day-to-day activities, we will be able to help conceptualize, create, develop and launch social media tactical campaigns - aimed at increasing the fan base, the engagement level and the strength of the digital identity. These campaigns are typically integrated into multiple digital channels - and thus provide the additional push for campaigns in the social realm.

Social Ads Placement

Nowadays, social advertising has provided many different options to fit various needs. Ads are strategically blended into the social sites that will best represent your campaign. Our social Ads service is the best way to purchase engaged visitors that don’t feel forced into content. Also the target audiences are chosen carefully to make sure that the content is relatable to them.

Influencer Marketing

By using our publisher’s passion to share the advertise message, StratAgile Indonesia creates a network of better advertising on social media. The publishers are engaging with thousands of real people with real interests providing a far better of ROI for company. Based on the business and campaign objectives, advertisers simply choose the appropriate social media campaign type and pay for the measured results. We also able to provide a technology platform that allows you to convert your assets to become your marketing tools. Ask us how.