Digital Marketing

As digital advertising matures, doing business nowadays mean finding a way to market your company using the power of the internet. Specialized assets and targeted custom messages to audiences based on their interest are the keys to bring more ROI to your company.

Content Marketing

StratAgile Indonesia covers a broad range of tactics and processes to optimize business value and customer value by providing and enabling the right content across the right channel. Our content marketing goals are included but not limited to: brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, sales, lead nurturing, customer retention, customer loyalty, and up-selling & cross-selling. A good content is a good tool if your brand wants to run an inbound marketing, then consumers who see it will then go to your desired place.

E-mail Marketing

Powered by our own platform, StratMail, we offer you an integrated solution to manage subscribers, send emails and track results in the most customizable way. Our advanced segmentation data allow you to retarget your most engaged subscribers and let you focus on the campaign results.

We also deliver statistics in a customizable dashboard which easy to read and will definitely make your life easier.

SMS Marketing

Personalized messages are able to create a highly engaged and loyal customer that benefitted your business. It is one of the effective ways to retain customers and Stratagile Indonesia empowered you to meet your business objective. We cooperate directly with all providers to ensure a smooth and effective execution. Also, we provide an LBA (Location Based Advertising) SMS which helps you to reach a specific audience in a certain area.